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As a Building Society, we are here to benefit our customers - we don’t have any shareholders to answer to so we can concentrate on your needs. We have over 160 years experience in helping our customers manage their money in both good and hard times.

These pages are all about giving you the information you need to help you control your finances, especially when you may be experiencing worries about debt or having difficulty meeting your repayments.

We are here to help and will always treat you sympathetically and fairly if you are in financial difficulty.


Money Worries?


Worried about how to pay your bills or how you will cope if your circumstances change? Help is available.


Payment Difficulties


Are you already late with payments on your Nationwide mortgage, Personal Loan, credit card or have exceeded your FlexAccount overdraft limit? We can help.


Managing your Nationwide account


Hints and tips about managing your money in Nationwide accounts.


Want to learn more about Money?