The Super Bomba

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“Hey, church guys, you wanna buy some drugs?” Don’t you miss the friendly local drug dealers? Of course, if you left the states, the druggies weren’t the only ones pushing pills on you. You had the mission nurse, or the mission president’s wife peddling the stuff. So instead of just say no, it was just say yes.

Yes, to what? Exactly what’s in those pills? Doesn’t matter — you’re young and your kidneys and other vital organs will probably recover — the important question is what will happen if you don’t take them? Worms, mostly.

The moral of the story: say yes to the pills they give you on the way out.

What to expect next. Plan to stay close to a bathroom for the first couple of days after taking the pills. Rough stuff, but it will be worth it. Most RMs report feeling much better after the experience is over.

Did your mission-pills make you sick? Let us know.

This article is not intended to be medical advice. Always consult a qualified doctor before undertaking a de-worming regimen.

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This is an experience I am glad I have never had. I love the new look of your website though! The search box is excellent!



I only had to take the super bomba once on my mission. Everything I ate for the next week tasted like it was seasoned with envelope glue.


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