The Strange Way Missionaries Talk

by Aaron

in Fresh off the Plane

Missionaries have a peculiar way of speaking.

Unfortunately, some missionaries and returned missionaries have created a peculiar—not in a good way—style of speaking when they bear testimony, or teach.

It’s hard to describe this bizarre speech pattern. It’s kind of a rhythmic soft lilt, where the missionary puts a strange and improper emphasis on the ends of words.

Further, once missionary voice is switched on, words and phrases come pouring out at a rapid clip. The listener is never sure where one thought has ended and the next begun.

All of this makes the missionary or RM sound strange, robotic, and a bit unauthentic.



Talking about sacred things, requires a “serious voice,” but it doesn’t mean the voice has to be affected and rehearsed sounding.

We don’t blame missionaries for picking up this bad habit. It can be difficult to sound authentic when you’re talking about the same things over and over, and you hear your colleagues speaking the same way.

As the dutiful and thoughtful RM that you are, work on making your voice more authentic. It will be tough, but as you succeed people will be more receptive to what you have to share.

How can missionaries and RMs sound authentic when talking about gospel subjects? Leave a comment.

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